February 7-9, 2020

Registration Deadline is November 20, 2019

  •  As an organization of certified educators, we make education of the total individual our priority.  

  • Our event is unique in that it gives the young dancers an opportunity to learn valuable interview skills.  

  • It is also unique that at the regional level the dancer's get the opportunity to work together on an opening routine.  Most organizations only offer this at the national level.

MUSIC - will be uploaded on Dance Comp Genie this year and will need to be uploaded by January 30, 2020.


Director Terri Newman  



2019 Title Holders 

Miss Dance - Lauren Tate  - from The Dance Shoppe

Finished in the Top Ten at Nationals!

Teen Miss Dance - Victoria Strom - from The Dance Shoppe

Finished in the Top Ten and won the Tap Audition Class at Nationals!

Jr Miss Dance - Liliana Corona - - from The Dance Shoppe

Finished 3rd Runner Up at Nationals!

Petite Miss Dance - Ella Rae Skowron - from The Dance Shoppe 

She finished in the top 10 semi finalist at Nationals!

Miss Dance of America 2019 - Mallory Marshall - from The Dance Shoppe

Miss Marcia, as a National Past President crowned our Mallory Marshall Miss Dance of America

Look who is standing in 5th :)

Beautiful representation of Michigan

Our Past Miss Dance of Michigan surprised everyone at Nationals this year.  Madison Embrey stopped in to visit.  She is the new lead in the Jurassic World arena show.  She will be performing live in Detroit in November! 

Our 2019 Contestants

Donated Scholarships

American Dance Awards 

Encore Performing Arts Showcase

That’s Entertainment Performing Arts Comp

Breakout Dance Convention

Ginny’s Danceworks Dancewear Shoppe

LA Dance Magic

Applause Talent

The Dancer’s Shoppe (West Branch, MI)

Tremaine Dance Conventions, Inc.

Energy National Dance Competitions




Talent on Parade


Legacy Dance Championship



24 Seven

Hollywood Connection

Participation in any DMM event gives permission to use your image in any publicity and advertising purposes for Dance Masters of Michigan.  

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