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A dance teachers organization

Certified by test to teach

Congratulations to our 2022 Title Holders!

2022 Title holders.HEIC
Mr Dance - Dylan Cunningham from Dance With Heart Studios
Miss Dance - Quinn Gordon from The Dance Shoppe
Teen Miss Dance - Ayla Ottenbreit from Trenton School of Dance
Junior Miss Dance - Blair Nemode from The Dance Shoppe
Junior Mr Dance - Grant Hoelke from Trenton School of Dance
Petite Miss Dance - Andie Bordinat from The Dance Shoppe

See the solo title page for all the winners and more pictures of our wonderful day!

Dance Masters of Michigan, DMM, is refreshingly different because it is a NON profit organization that makes the education of dance its priority.  Membership requires teachers to pass written, verbal, and physical dance examinations.  


The advantage to being non profit is that DMM offers their events at a more affordable price.  DMM is very generous with the scholarships and monetary awards given.  


The Dance Masters of MI organization also offers your child the opportunity to expand their dance family.  They will meet dancers from other schools that share in their passion for dance.  They will see familiar faces at our Fall Convention and Scholarship Classes, our Solo Title Event and our Performing Arts Challenge (PAC) and Spring Workshop.  They are encouraged to respect one another, encouraged to appreciate one another, and encouraged to be inspired by other beautiful dancers.  DMM hopes to teach your children how to compete in a friendly fashion, and strive for personal improvement.  


Dance Masters of Michigan, Inc. is a professional organization of artists, certified educators and academically degreed members committed to the elevation of the art of dance and providing innovative experiences for the advancement of dance.  

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